Explanation of Titles:

There are three main LANilies in the Lafayette Area: The First, Second, and Third LANily (this can be changed at any time).

There can be only one Capo di Tutti, but as there are currently three LANilies there can technically be three “Godfathers.”

Title What it Means How to get Title
Capo di Tutti Capi
“Boss of all Bosses”
Be willing to take over total organization of all LAN Parties and make all major decisions relating to the success of the LANily. A “Capo Crimini” can take over this position in two ways: by winning a best two out of three deatmatch competition against the Capo di Tutti Capi or the Capo di Tutti Capi voluntarily stepping down and appointing a new one in his place.
Capo Crimini
Be willing to be designated contact person for your LANily to ensure LANily members are aware of next LANily Home Evening and provide assistance in organizational matters. This title is typically appointed by the Capo di Tutti Capi but can also be achieved in the same manner above by being challenged by a Capo Bastone, Consigliere, or Caporegime, or stepping down.
Capo Bastone
Be backup designated contact person for your LANily to ensure LANily members are aware of next LANily Home Evening as well as provide assistance in organizational matters. This title is typically appointed by the Capo Crimini but may also be challenged by a Consigliere or Caporegime
Provide significant advisory support to “Godfather” in technical, social, or logistical matters. This title is always appointed by the Capo Crimini.
The Capo Crimini decides how many Lietenants are in the family. Initially there should be no more than 3 in each family. A Caporegime should have attended at least 10 LANily Home Evenings and be willing to provide significant support to the LANily in making it more enjoyable for all.
“Made Man “
Attend 7 or more LANily Home Evenings. Is usually promoted by one of the titles above due to excellent performance or general contributions to the LANily.


“Enforcers” or “Button Men”
Attend 3 or more LANily Home Evenings
Giovane D’Honore
“Associate member”
Attend at least 1 LANily Home Evening
Don’t come to LANily Home Evenings
Asked to be removed from the mailing list or disappeared under “unsavory” circumstances.
Witness Protection
Moved away mysteriously and hasn’t been heard from since.

These titles are meant to be a fun way to keep things organized not to create contention. A little competition is fun, but I don’t want this to be some mechanism for hurt feelings. Basically, if you want to contribute more to LANily Home Evenings the first thing you need to do is attend, the second thing is bring something with you, and lastly try to make things as enjoyable for one another as possible. I will make some initial promotions based off who and what I know about them, but I want everyone to feel like they are part of the LANily and that everyone has an opinion that matters.

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