LAN Party NOV 19th, 2010

Date – Friday November 19th, 2010 Time -6:00pm – ?

Location -Doug’s Den of Dead Turkeys -2840 Barlow Street, West Lafayette Planning on Attending:


Name Title Bringing
1 Lance Capo di Tutti Capi Something Tasty
2 Paul Caporegime Cheese and Cracker Action
3 Jon Civilian
4 Brent Caporegime
5 Don Capo Bastone
6 Neal Picciotto
7 Mike 2nd LANily Capo Crimini Veg-o-rom-er-rat-er
8 Kris Capo Bastone
9 Rob Giovane D’Honore
10 Jarvis Giovane D’Honore Cold Drinks
11 Jarvis Friend Civilian
12 Doug 1st LANily Capo Crimini
13 Davis Sgarrista
14 Cory Civilian
15 Thomas Giovane D’Honore
16 Ricky Caporegime
Time allocated to setting up the network and your computer. 6:00PM-6:30PM
Gonna Get Our Retro On! 6:30 – 9:00
Free Play
Play what we wanna play! 9:00 PM- ? AM
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18 Responses to LAN Party NOV 19th, 2010

  1. lheadmin says:

    Lot’s of early interest on this LAN Party! Hope we can get Quake Live to work easily at the LAN!!! Anyone want to help test?

  2. Rob says:

    Count me in. Quake is calling!


  3. lheadmin says:

    Awesome! Have you tried playing Quake Live on a LAN? I messed around with it a little tonight with my boys but couldn’t easily figure out how we can do it. Worst case we would all try and join the same “friend” but if the server gets full or something then it wouldn’t be very fun. Plus we’d have to play with other people than would ruin tournaments for us and such. If anyone could help me try and figure this out beforehand that would be great!

  4. Downlinx says:

    let me know bud, i will be on tonight and we will get something figured out.

  5. Don says:

    We’ve talked about this in the forums, but a bunch of us are planning on playing Black Ops during the “free play” period after Quake. FYI

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