LHE LAN – October 2010

This was the most pathetic start to the food supply at a LAN party ever. We had to buy 30 Tacos from Taco Bell just so people wouldn’t starve.

It is computers like this that make SSDs completely worthless for multi-player game loading times… sheesh….

In this Shortbus Tournament the object is to be the first player to die in Left 4 Dead 2. Thus, it is advantageous to keep the other players alive as long as possible while maximizing the damage you take. You could not self inflict damage, all damage had to come from Zombies. Hilarious. Nice Job Orion Nomad:

We have a regular Tournament called the Golden Gun Tournament. We compete for our most glorious trophy – a gold spray painted paint gun. In this tournament we played one vs. one on Left 4 Dead 2. This was the Final Face Off of Orion Nomad vs. Jackal.

This was the result of the Golden Gun Tournament.

Nice Job Cripple… I mean Jackal…

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15 Responses to LHE LAN – October 2010

  1. Don says:

    Good game everyone. I have to apologize for my whining in the first golden gun video. I tried calling the chopper 3 times before it actually responded, but I’m pretty sure Jackal would have taken me anyway. Good work, cripple Jackal!

  2. flabioh says:

    Heheheheh, no where near as bad as the stupid bots I got stuck with that wouldn’t help me get up after being smoked off the roof… grumble grumble…. It was a good show by all though. :)

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