LHE LAN June 2010

This was the first LAN party that we ordered in Chinese Food – Epic

Since we had Chopsticks we had to use them for the Shortbus Tournament. In this Shortbus Tournament players had to use chopsticks to control both the mouse and keyboard and no part of their hand could touch the keyboard or mouse. Some highly suspect methods were used but still within the rules of the tournament… leading to ultimate victory.

In the LHE we have different ranks. The organization is structured in such a way that you can challenge a higher rank and beat him at a game of his choice. If you win you take his rank. In this challenge DigDug challenged Flabioh and the game to defend was Dance Dance Revolution – Hottest Party 3. This was his feeble attempt:

This was the resounding smack down answer that Flabioh gave back:

He even did it suspended against the wall…

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