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Media from March 2009 LANily Home Evening

Media from February 2009 LANily Home Evening

Did you leave your Med Pack at the safe house AGAIN?!?!!



Medpak? Check!

Pipe Bomb? Check!

Molies? Double Check!

A Med Pack is NOT melee weapon!

This is what happens when you show up late… you don’t get the short bus… you get the short table.

Golden Gun…



Talk about a lucky night!

Media from January 2009 LANily Home Evening

Here’s the Setup

Here’s the Setup… Again

Here’s the food we ate

There was a popcorn machine?!?!? Where the heck was I?

First to Arrive… Last to Leave…

Tadd – “Is that your impersonation of a Vacuum Cleaner?”

Lance – “No… it’s the sound of you… SUCKING!”

Leaving so soon?

That’s just a mighty fine picture

When did you start playing with your hands crossed?

Caught you red handed!

Why So Sad?

Why So Happy?

Yeah… Yeah, you’re Walloping Us! You don’t have to be so happy about it!

C’mon now… you don’t have to play with your eyes closed to make it fair!

I’m just going to post the picture and move on… I can’t mock a newbie.

Media from June 2008 LANily Home Evening – Part Deux

Our Humble Host

Nice Spread! Though there is an alarming lack of veggie tray!


TrackMania Fiends!

Don’t say I didn’t call it!

My short bus!

No! Mine!

Media from June 2008 LANily Home Evening

You’d think that this was a “peace” sign, but really it’s a “victory” sign. If you were there you’d know why.

The first winner of the coveted Short Bus Trophy.

Bawls sponsored the LAN and all had a great time.

This is what happens when not taken in moderation.

Noteworthy Events:

1 – First Shortbus and Golden Gun Tourneys

2 – First Bawls Sponsorship

3 – First LAN TrackMania

4 – Basement almost caught fire!

The first winner of the Golden Gun Trophy – oh yes… you will be mine.

Media from November 2007 LANily Home Evening

Layout of the LAN – Oooh nice Table cloth!

First to arrive… last to leave

You didn’t bring your computer in a shopping bag again… did you?

Is that a monitor or a MONITOR?

Last LHE of 2007

Bring on 2008

Yeah, yeah, I know the wires are a mess, but you don’t have to stare!

This is the look of sheer LANily bliss.

Sleep walking again?

Our resident LHE T-Shirt Model
You too can be happy if you buy a shirt!

This is the “Bag o’ Burgers”

This is the “Bringer of the Bag o’ Burgers”

These are the devourers of the “Bag o’ Burgers”

Media from July 2007 LANily Home Evening

Layout of the LAN

July 2007 LHE

Doug’s Basement of Glory

Rest of Layout

Brent – “Too cool to look at my sticks”

Cole – New look brings new meaning to the phrase “Cole Miner”

Hans – Deer in Headlights?

Kris – Deer in Headlights? (seriously Doug you need to give people more warning! 🙂

Lance – Yeah, I’ve had too much Vanilla Coke, Sunkist, and whatever else I could consume.

Paul – Showing his pearly whites

The eerie glow of a powerful machine
This is what the LAN looks like most of the time… which is why we take pictures with the lights on.
The eerie glow of WAY too many lights and fans in one computer… I still think I can find room for more lights and fans though.

Media from April 20th, 2007, LANily Home Evening

Cole, Neal, Christopher, Micahel Lance, Joseph

Sweet LAN Layout… a little hazy, but otherwise the perfect LAN Party location

Joseph, Michael, Lance… still setting up

Christopher, Michael, Joseph… Hey! What is that you’re playing!!?!?!

Christopher and Lance… Do I spy TWO powersupplies on that computer?!?!?

Jason’s Shoulder, Cole, Joseph, Neal, Michael… UT2004 bring on the shortbus!


Media from March 2nd, LANily Home Evening

Main Setup Room – Joseph, Kris, Bryon, Tad, Christopher, Lance’s Backside (his best side), Cole, and “Comfy Golden Throne “

Second Setup Room – Ricky, Tyler, Lance’s Backside (again… his best side)

Raiding the kitchen – Lance (not best side), Brent, Cole

Looks like someone is breaking something… – Doug, Bryon, Christopher, Joseph, Don

Wall Projector projecting scores and tournament action

Greg – doing what he does best… playing with a laptop! 🙂

Drunk on Halo – This is what you look like after 3 hours straight of Halo…

Bronze (Tyler) and Silver (Joseph) Medal Winners in the UT2004 Tourney

Showing off the Gold Medal Bling – Tad


Media from Feb 2nd, LANily Home Evening

LAN Party Setup – Where’s all the Tables? – Chris, Doug, Lance

LHE LAN PARTY Feb 2, 2007

CopperGate Apartments

LAN Going full force – Cole, Ricky, Spencer, Kris, Aaron

Everyone taking a break from all the carnage

Chris – “Hmmm… I wonder what happens if I unplug this cable”

Tad – “I got it for 15 bucks! “

Lance – “What’s that sound? Oh, yeah, me kicking your butt.”

Where’s the Love?

Lance – “What’s that smell? Oh, yeah, my powersupply. PSU… more like POS-U…”

LAN Party Food – Pizza, Chips, Mexican Dip, the good stuff.

Cole – “Waaasup!!!!”

Don – “My mouse is better than my whole laptop!”

Ricky – “Loving the laptop love”

Doug and Joseph – Raiding the kitchen again…

Spencer – “Loving the laptop love more.”

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