LHE LAN – LANOWEEN 2016 – Media

We had a pretty good turn out for this LAN.  I forgot to take pictures but managed to shoot a couple of videos for our tournaments.

This was the “Golden Gun” tournament.  Rules were:

  • 1 v 1 on Overwatch
  • Everyone had to play as Widowmaker
  • Everyone had to play in the designated part of the Route 66 map
  • Only headshots counted

It was a grueling 2-3 hour tournament, but I think much fun was had!

The “Shortbus” Tournament was pretty entertaining to watch.  We had several Aimpad R5 keyboards on hand.  We configured them to behave like an xbox 360 controller.  The WASD keys were the left analog stick and the 4 arrow keys were the right analog stick. People did surprisingly well adjusting to the control.  Obviously using a mouse would have been better, but that goes against spirit of the Shortbus Tourney.

Looking forward to the next LAN!


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