LHE LAN-o-Ween 2012 – Media

A spooky door prize entrance table where a MaxKeyboard was up for grabs

Generic Picture of LAN with spooky halloween lights in the back

Generic Picture of the LAN

Just a generic picture of the LAN with spooky bats along the wall


A picture of the Golden Gun Tourney in action

Top 3 Winners in the “Golden Gun” tourney
1st Place – Brutus
2nd Place – Webzappr
3rd Place – Flabioh

Winner of the Golden Gun and a new keyboard from MaxKeyboard!

Brutus was the winner of the Shortbus and a Memory Stick from Patriot. Yes, he was a lucky punk this evening.

For those unfamiliar with our “Shortbus Tourney” it consists of changing some dynamic/mechanism of the gameplay or control of the game to make it difficult to play. In this tournament the winner was determined by being the first person to die on your team. This lead to crazy shenanigans of trying to revive/heal your teammates to keep them alive while trying to take as much damage as possible. Hilarity Ensues….

The question was, “How does it feel to win over and over again despite our attempts to rob you of your victory 3 times?”

Lucky Door Prize Winner Orion Nomad proudly displaying his new keyboard and right thumb.

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2 Responses to LHE LAN-o-Ween 2012 – Media

  1. Brutus says:

    This LAN was a blast!! Thanks again to the Sponsors. I love my new Keyboard and memory stick.

  2. theGeek says:

    One of the best LAN’s I’ve been to in a long time!

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