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LHE LAN – LANOWEEN 2016 – Media

We had a pretty good turn out for this LAN.  I forgot to take pictures but managed to shoot a couple of videos for our tournaments. This was the “Golden Gun” tournament.  Rules were: 1 v 1 on Overwatch Everyone … Continue reading

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BLIZZARD in June LAN 2016 – Pictures

We had a very successful LAN party with nearly 30 people crammed in the space! The HTC Vive seemed to be a big hit!

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LHE LANoween 2015 – Pictures!

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LANoween 2014

We had an awesome turnout for this LAN! Lots of great food! The Geek holding his Blue Ball Sack for winning the Short Bus Tourney.  Few people can die so quickly in Left 4 Dead 2! The Esteemed Gold Gun … Continue reading

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Media from LHE LAN Arcade 2013

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LHE LAN-o-Ween 2012 – Media

  For those unfamiliar with our “Shortbus Tourney” it consists of changing some dynamic/mechanism of the gameplay or control of the game to make it difficult to play. In this tournament the winner was determined by being the first person … Continue reading

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LHE LAN – June 2011 – Media – HUGE LAN

This LAN was the biggest we’ve had since we started LHE over 5 years ago.  At the peak of the party we had 29 people crammed in this basement: OrionNomad, Creeture, Dr. Pepper DustyLenz Downlinx Crabill Crew – aka “Team … Continue reading

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LHE LAN – November 2010 – Media

Krowbar lays down the smack with a 20-2 win in the Final Four of the Golden Gun Tourney: RobVox handles Revloc with ease: After a tortuous 45 minute 1 on 1 match RobVox FINALLY beats Krowbar for the coveted Golden … Continue reading

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LHE LAN – October 2010

This was the most pathetic start to the food supply at a LAN party ever. We had to buy 30 Tacos from Taco Bell just so people wouldn’t starve. It is computers like this that make SSDs completely worthless for … Continue reading

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LHE LAN June 2010

This was the first LAN party that we ordered in Chinese Food – Epic Since we had Chopsticks we had to use them for the Shortbus Tournament. In this Shortbus Tournament players had to use chopsticks to control both the … Continue reading

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