About LHE

Welcome to LANily Home Evening!

Next LAN is scheduled for Friday June 21st, 2019  starting at 6:00 PM.

LANily Home Evening is an organization made up of several like minded individuals. Mainly, those that like to play computer games about once a month on Friday nights… which ends up being usually Saturday mornings.

The location of where LANily Home Evening is held seems to change every month… and the number of people that attends changes every month, but one thing remains the same: Everyone has fun each time they come. The main purpose of this webpage is to communicate the plans for the Next LAN Party.

The “LAN Party” page contains information about where the last few LAN Parties have been and are going to be, how long we’ll be playing, what games we’ll play, who is coming, and what they are bringing.

The “What to bring” page will list the general items that you should bring to get the most out of the LAN party.

The “Media” page has pictures and movies of our last few LAN parties.

The Forum is… well… a forum.

Please visit our Corporate Sponsors page. These guys have gone out of their way to offer us free stuff to give away for prizes at our LAN parties. If you get a chance check out their website and give em some love!

If there is something you think that is missing on this webpage that would benefit the LANily please let me know.


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